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Other deviants' work I've collected over the years that has left an impression on me.


Highway Unicorn by TGA-Tsurugi
Highway Unicorn
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After yesterday's political events and being tired of waiting for the tutorial to go up for Copic, I felt inspired to post this today. This description I wrote for Copic was written before yesterday's events:

"I've been wanting to do a tribute to Lady Gaga and her song "Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)" because I believe she is largely responsible for paving the road to love that young people are taking this day and age. In recent years, we've seen a shift in this country, as well as the world's views of acceptance and anti-bullying and I believe that's partially because of her resounding messages of tolerance and her ability to empower youth and the underdog. I wanted to illustrate her atop the mound of garbage we are sorting through as a society, with excavators working to clear the road to love. She is also an incredible artist in my opinion, and her visual style and passion for what she does has inspired and influenced me a great deal."

Thank you and I hope you enjoy the piece! :) More work on its way!

Tools: Copic Sketch Markers, Copic Multiliners, Copic Opaque White paint ;)


Note me or comment if you are interested in $10 Sketch Commissions and I will get back to you! 
Sketch Commissions #1-4 by TGA-Tsurugi Sketch Commission #5 by TGA-Tsurugi
SLOT ONE: :iconlaelah: (complete)
SLOT TWO: :iconsuemao:
SLOT THREE: :iconurb3th:

hey what's up guys so i'm feeling a little bit wild tonight and idk it's 2 am and I am having a weird burst of energy and just half-watched a bunch of freeky music videos as I work on commissions!

So I wanted to share them with you all because idk you might be inspired?? Or this might be weird. But here goes - an inspiration dump from tonight cuz I'm feelin kinda inspired. So here have some art filmz


CRAZY AND WILD THINGS ARE HAPPENING. Are you feeling crazy and wild yet

idk as I said I only half-watched these

discretion advised!! Don't exactly know what goes on in this vid but it sounded/ looked abrasive 

VERY WEIRD but an old favorite!! :dance:

Part of why I like putting these videos together is because they're each like little dreams!

And here's kind of half-joke one to end on....partially because it won't leave my head at this late hour. This kid brings me joy

Here's a Samurai Champloo screenshot I saw recently / liked:

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 8.13.07 PM by TGA-Tsurugi

And time to show some I love deviantART! because I enjoyed features last time!

i'm in mamak stall by ahgun Blackwing. by Vusc Samurai Champloo by zzyzzyy Jack Frost by Sakimichan in Watercolor + Video by Laovaan Serene Heart by luleiya Letter: y by yooani w=f(c) by ColnChen  10 Reasons You Shouldn't Quit ArtYou know i keep my journals short, so i'll jump right to it. 
1. When you get an idea for a character, or an illustration or a comic, you can just draw it. You don't have to browse and see if anyone else drew it already, or commission other artists to do it.
2. If you get really good at art, your favorite artist might watch you back.
3. You might eventually get paid for it.
4. Because even if there's tons of art out there, and many great artists, no one, and i mean NO ONE can ever draw what you draw. There can be similar ideas, but only you can bring your particular flavor of art to life. 
5. The awesome comments. The better you get at art, the more awesome and elaborate comments you get. Who doesn't want to get praised?
6. Art trades with really good artists! 
7. Because quitting is lame.
8. Because when IRL people ask you what you do and you say you're an artist, you get the most interesting reactions. It never gets old.
9. Because you get to browse the internet a
 The Door-Maker's Daughter II by mynameistran white rose garden by solalis1226 Toukenranbu: Arupejo violets by muttiy secret by syuka-taupe Oriental 1 by yooani Molchaniye Devushka  (costume) by AgnieszkaOsipa

More relevant journal and new art soon! :giggle:
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Note me or comment if you are interested in $10 Sketch Commissions and I will get back to you! 
Sketch Commissions #1-4 by TGA-Tsurugi Sketch Commission #5 by TGA-Tsurugi
SLOT ONE: :iconlaelah: (complete)
SLOT TWO: :iconsuemao:
SLOT THREE: :iconurb3th:

Hey folks! ^^

So I just wanted to take some time to write another journal and catch some of you up on recent happenings. So! Finals at SCAD were just a few days ago and here are a couple drawings that came out of it that I feel didn't suck terribly. 

Plague Warrior by TGA-Tsurugi

Gas Mask Girl - Wizi by TGA-Tsurugi

Still getting used to digital art so go easy on me ^^; Also why there's not much color. The second piece is when I started getting braver experimenting with warm/cool. Up until that point this quarter I had only done black and white studies. >.< Best to get a handle on value first, I suppose.

Other than that, I am moving to Cincinnati for the summer as of Thursday which I am really looking forward to! A lot of work to do before then so it's kind of a transitional period right now. Just spent the week helping my parents move as well so it's just a moving kinda time I guess -sigh-

Untitled by TGA-Tsurugi

But yeah really looking forward to Cinci! Here's a pic from a previous trip for fun.

Had a pretty good year at SCAD tho! That might have to be my next journal. I'll start sorting through some pics.

In the mean time, I've been working on a lot and have another tutorial coming for Copic very soon! Already turned everything in so just waiting for it to be posted. Will keep you guys updated. A lot more art in the vault too waiting to be shared :thumbsup: soon soon.

Also thought I'd start featuring some fave pieces from other artists in my journal again! :dance: :+fav: :dance:

Cherry Blossom by Pajunen Eden by iNeedChemicalX Tou by YOGISHA Pan Awakens by kolaboy Red string by harobako nightfall by M0THart Autumn Chrysanthemum by NataliaDrepina The Wolf by 253421sth by nhienanFMA by zzyzzyy Alice in Wonderland 2 by syuka-taupe Eyes Unclouded by yuumei greatest view . by megatruh

See everyone next time! :wave:


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W A L L F L O W E R by TGA-Tsurugi

AGE 20
TOOLS Copic Markers


To do list:
:star: Commission 2
:star: Commission 3
:star: Collab with LAELAH
:star: Collab with Buntglas
:star: Art trade with moonangel21



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